General Pathology (普通病理学)
spContent=Care about the diseases, is to respect our lives. Therefore, we need to know the principles of diseases, which is just the purpose of pathology,recognizing the occurrence and development of the diseases. We want to disclose what have attacked the patients, and how have they protected them from the injuries. Our organs, tissues, and cells have recorded the morphological events what have happened to them. 对疾病的关注,也是对生命的敬畏。因此,我们需要知道疾病的“道理”,而病理学就涉及疾病发生发展这个“道理”。我们想明确这些病人曾经遭遇什么打击,机体又是如何与之抗衡的。我们的器官、组织和细胞通过形态学的变化记录了这一系列事件。
—— 课程团队

General Pathology mainly introduces the common discipline of each pathological change in various diseases. It principally explains the etiology, pathogenesis, pathological changes, and clinicopathological relationship in combination with typical pictures, videos, animations, and the clinical cases. It helps students in medicine-related majors review pathological theory and lay a solid foundation to study systemic pathology, while provides the public with rich online educational resources to understand the role of pathology in human health.



Grasp the universality of various kinds of diseases in morphology, to clarify the etiology, pathogenesis, pathological changes, and outcomes during cell injury, cell death, cell adaptation, tissue repair, hemodynamic disorders, thromboembolism, inflammation, and neoplasia.



The students are required to reserve some medical commonsense or basic medical courses like anatomy, histology and embryology and general pathology etc. 



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1.Declaration 声明

The pictures in the course are referred to the books and websites listed in the References. They are applied in this course exclusively for education. We thank all the contributors. 


2.How long should I study every week? 每周学习时间长吗?

We update 3-5 videos and one quiz every week. Each video is 8-15 minutes. Students can discuss with the teachers and exchange ideas with classmates over topics in discussion board. English is highly recommended.