Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
—— 课程团队

   New ventures are subjected to high risks. It is estimated that over two thirds of new business would fail within ten years. As an important approach to help new ventures succeed, entrepreneurial financing becomes increasingly important for both entrepreneurs and investors. Our main motivation in this course is to lead you through the entrepreneurial financing process and provide you approaches to solve the financial problems in starting and growing new ventures.

   This course would include both theory introduction and case analyses. We use cases and scenario analysis throughout the course with an emphasis on applications. We expect that you would be able to establish your own pro forma financial statement, financial needs assessment, valuation and contract design after you have finished learning this course.

   This course will be taught by three professors from Central University of Finance and Economics, they are, Prof. Jing Zhongbo, Prof. Gao Ting, and me, Qu Hongyan. As a team, we have extensive teaching and research experience in areas of entrepreneurship and investment.

   So, this course is a great chance for you to know about entrepreneurial financing, and to be able to do it by yourself. Here we invite you to enroll in the course and start our entrepreneurial financing journey now!


Before starting with this course, students should ensure that they have learned the following courses:

  1. Entrepreneurship

  2. Accounting

  3. Investment


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