Safety in the Chemical Laboratory
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spContent=Here are 36 topics of chemical safety ,including videos, ppts,animation, etc.We expect that most of the topics in this MOOC will be tied to various experiments that you are conducting in labs, and can be used separately over four- year period (and beyond).
—— Instructors
About this course

The quality of your safety education will likely have a big impact on your ability to function safely after you move into the working world of chemistry or some other laboratory science.This MOOC will help you become more educated about how to function safely in chemistry laboratories.

 Additionally, the small “TOPICS” of the 36  lab safety lectures, provide constant reinforcement of the importance of safety. Our approach is to teach safety in the chemical laboratory in small TOPICs throughout the MOOC.This freedom of learning processs is practical and sends the message to students that safety is always important. This also establishes the notion of a “safety culture” that can permeate all lab activities. 


Safety in the chemical lab is very important,we need to work with flammble chemicals, a strong acid or an oxidizing agent safely. We need to know the lab emergencies or PPE well. We need to dispose of wastes legally and appropriately.We need to risk assessment for new experiments. This MOOC will help undergraduate chemistry students and other learners to work in lab well.


This MOOC is primarily for undergraduate chemistry students,but it is also useful for other laboratory science students, scientists, technicians, and investigators.