Cell Biology for Medical or Life Sciences
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About this course

The contents and characteristics of this course

The Ministry of Education of the Peoples’ Republic of China pays much more attention to the international medical education in China. International Exchange Division of the Ministry of Education authorized the Chapter of International Medical Education in Chinese International Exchange Association to make the criteria and syllabus for each subjects of the medical students. We designed the course strictly according to the criteria and syllabus created by the experts in the Chapter of International Medical Education.


In this course,  ten 2D-cartoons are applied. In each chapter, we provide assignments and practice questions (in forms of choice), we also provide teaching PPT for the students.


This course provides examinations for the students to gain credit hour. The whole course is in English, including pictures and cartoons.


The characteristics of this course: in the beginning of each chapter, the major points of the chapter will be listed in form of questions. The later on teaching will be focus on these questions or major points. Each section of the chapter will be the major points and each major points includes some small points. The small points will also be raised as questions during the teaching. Therefore, the students will learn something with questions and aims, the teaching effect must be good. In each chapter, a brief summary will be provided. In the end of the teaching, the list of the knowledge that the students need to learn will be repeated. In each chapter, some terms or definitions will be provided for the students. Some questions will be raised as choices for the students to practice to further understand the knowledge points.


This course is specially designed for international medical students in China, mainly for MBBSmedicine bachelor and bachelor of surgerystudents, besides, it is also good for students major in life sciences. It will be good for students in other part of the world, who major in medical and life sciences. It will also be useful for Chinese medical students or Chinese students major in life science.  


为积极响应国家低碳环保政策, 2021年秋季学期开始,中国大学MOOC平台将取消纸质版的认证证书,仅提供电子版的认证证书服务,证书申请方式和流程不变。


电子版认证证书支持查询验证,可通过扫描证书上的二维码进行有效性查询,或者访问 https://www.icourse163.org/verify,通过证书编号进行查询。学生可在“个人中心-证书-查看证书”页面自行下载、打印电子版认证证书。





1. 根据国家相关法律法规要求,认证证书申请时要求进行实名认证,请保证所提交的实名认证信息真实完整有效。

2. 完成实名认证并支付后,系统将自动生成并发送电子版认证证书。电子版认证证书生成后不支持退费。