Single Variable Calculus
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spContent=Do you want to know the details of calculus, established by Newton and Leibniz, which is one of the three greatest achievements in the 17th century? This course will help you to explore essentials of differentiation and integration.
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About this course

Calculus course focuses on the cultivation of students' ability of abstract thinking, logical reasoning, spatial imagination, experiment and observation, as well as the ability of comprehensive use of the knowledge learned to analyze and solve problems. It is also an important course to carry out mathematical quality education and cultivate the innovative spirit and ability of learners. Its content, thought and method have irreplaceable effect on training all kinds of talents' comprehensive quality.

Single Variable Calculus is the core and cornerstone of calculus theory with main contents: Preliminaries (real number, linescurve, function), limit and continuity (function, limit and continuity), differentiation and application of single variable function (derivative, differential, median theorem, function form), integration and application of single variable function (definite integral, basic formula of calculus, indefinite integral, abnormal integral).

Calculus gives the students of science and engineering all the basics knowledge they need for calculation. 


When you finished this course, you will master concepts, theories and methods of single variable calculus, and you will be able to study in further multivariable calculus, science and engineering courses.


Algebra & Trigonometry


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