Public Finance & Taxation in China
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spContent=In the past few decades, you must have noticed that the national strength has been gradually strengthened and the people's living standard has been gradually improved in China. What is the key to China's remarkable achievements? As we all know, public finance is the foundation and key pillar of state governance. So if you want to know what role public finance and tax policies have played in China's successful story, please follow the public finance teaching team of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, to learn the course "Public Finance and Taxation in China".
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About this course

1.Why am I taking this course?

    Over the past seven decades, the whole world has witnessed profound changes of public finance in China, with growing fiscal capacity, effective fiscal policies, and deepening fiscal and tax reforms.As the foundation and important pillar of national governance, what role does public finance play in the development and reform of China's economy and society?If you are one of the many foreign friends who have a keen interest in public finance and taxation in China, please join us.

2.What is the subject of the course about?

    This course maily introduces you to the fiscal and tax systems in China.A good grasp of China's public finance and taxation will help you to be A successful Businessman or A brilliant Chinese economic researcher.

3.What can I gain from taking this course?

    First of all, if you are a foreign student, you can master and understand the basic framework of public finance and the basic theories of taxation from the perspectives of public economics, public finance and taxation. You can also combine it closely with macroeconomics and management to expand your knowledge structure.

    Second, if you are a foreign friend who has income from China or has made investment in China, yyou will learn about the composition of Chinese finance and taxation, the relationship between different governments, the distinctive Chinese fiscal and taxation system, and the secret of why China has been able to maintain rapid growth in the world.

    Finally, if you are a foreign friend who has no connection with China at present, maybe you will  learn more about China after studying in this course. What is more, you may even want to study, travel, work, invest or live in China after studying.

4.What are the features and highlights of this course?

  The layout of this course, tis divided into three parts. The first part is the introduction of the financial system, the second part is the introduction of the tax system, and the third part is the prospect of public finance and taxation in China. The lecturers of this course are famous professors, well-known scholars and young backbone from The School of Finance and Taxation of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. There are clear teaching ideas, simple explanations, rich teaching content and plenty of supplementary materials. I believe this course will certainly bring you different  experience.







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