Human Anatomy
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spContent=The course systematically explains the normal morphological structure of the human body in order to lay a foundation for understanding human morphology for trainees who are engaging in medical careers, or for those who are interested in exploring the mysteries of human body.
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About this course

The Human Anatomy course of China Medical University is based on the ‘Systemic Anatomy’ of the People's Medical Publishing House, edited by Professor Bai Shuling. The content focuses on the basic and practical application of anatomical knowledge, which is of great benefit to junior medical students. The members of the teaching team have rich teaching experience, and the vivid teaching of many senior professors make the course easy to be understood. Furthermore, the teaching fully reflects the combination of human and computer, making the teaching content more naturally accepted by students. The courseware, exercises, and development resources are rich in content, with the new theories and concepts integrated into the teaching. The course conforms to the undergraduate syllabus, and the key content is organized according to the chapter content of the new textbook ‘Systemic Anatomy’. The teaching of medical students can also enlighten the social medicine learning. 

The Human Anatomy Course of China Medical University embodies a new teaching concept in contemporary era, which is in line with the teaching characteristics of large-scale online courses. The use of modern information technology has played a leading role in the curriculum system, teaching content and teaching methods. It makes a model for the other institutes for the similar purpose.

In order to meet the needs of the internationalization of the course, English subtitles are provided on the basis of the original video, which is convenient for international students to learn, and in the process of going online, the video is gradually replaced with a full English explanation video, and corresponding English exercises and courseware are distributed to meet the needs of internationalized curriculum.