Fundamental of Java Programming
—— 课程团队

Since 1995, Java has been playing an essential role in industrial. It is the most used language in the Internet servers, as well as in the Android apps.

This course is a beginner's course to learn to program using Java and to learn the Java language.  Java is an object-oriented language and has most of the state-of-the-art programming features, like lambda expression and streaming. 

Instead of the syntax and rules of the language, I'd rather guide you on how to solve problems with Java. To learn this, and any other programming courses, practice is the only way. You should figure out a way to write and execute Java programs on your computer, and put any possible minutes in it.


Did you went to highschool? That's enough! This is the beginning course of programming. No any anticipatory knowledge is required.


There are so many books on Java you can find in bookstores and online. Go to or any online bookstore you familiar with, search for the keyword "Java." Any book you can afford is right for you.