Molecular Biology
spContent=Molecular biology reveals the gene structure and function, which also provides us powerful tools to explore the mystery of life science.
—— 课程团队

What is molecular biology? Broadly, it could be defined as the attempt to understand biological phenomena in molecular terms. Another definition is more restrictive and therefore more useful: the study of gene structure and function at the molecular level. The attempt to explain genes and their activities in molecular terms is the subject matter of this course. Molecular biology is a compulsory major courses for students in the field of life science. But even if you are not major in biology, understanding molecular biology is also a window for you to understand yourself and the world of life.

Life is the most complex phenomenon in the world. Every living individual is like a well-organized and well-equipped legion, and the brain is definitely not the commander. When we stoop to look for the secret of life, we would find the molecular biology. The commander behind the scenes of this molecular force actually only makes his orders through four simple symbols, A, G, C and T. How is it possible? That's what molecular biology is going to tell you.

To understand the command strategy and operation mode of the molecular forces, you can't only rely on your big curious eyes. You also need some “weaponry”, the powerful molecular technologies. Electrophoresis, PCR, sequencing, hybridization, et al., and these technologies are the magic weapons for you to travel freely in the molecular world. We also use these powerful molecular force to create legends. You will find more and more that you are surrounded by the ubiquitous molecular technologies. Why not learn something more? Just start with molecular biology.



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