Appreciation of Symphonic Music
spContent=Listen to the sounds of nature, understand philosophy, feel harmony, train thinking!
—— 课程团队

Through the introduction of the history of symphonic music, the recognition of the composition and shape of symphonic music, the introduction of the basic knowledge of symphonic music appreciation, the understanding of various genres of symphonic music and the appreciation of classical music, the course enables ordinary college students to accept the immersion of elegant music art, cultivate their artistic aesthetic ability, stimulate their creative thinking inspiration, improve their multi-integrated qualities, and take music as a bridge to understand the historical culture, ideological thinking, humanistic society and other related background and factors of different periods.

 With the characteristics of knowledge and interest, tradition and times, we should take steps from easy to difficult, step by step, from shallow to deep, step by step, from foundation to top level, from commonness to individuality, from appreciation to enlightenment, from training to epiphany.


All the videos, audio and pictures used in symphonic music appreciation course are for teaching purposes only, not for other purposes.