Brain Science and Advanced Imaging Techniques
spContent=Explorating brain science from a new insights, advanced imaging techniques guide clinical practice.
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Brain Science and Advanced Imaging Techniques is a course that introduces the clinical and research application of advanced functional imaging techniques in the field of brain science. This course is divided into the advanced imaging techniques, functional MRI data processing and the clinical and research application of advanced imaging techniques. In each part, the key knowledge is combined with the lecturer's practical experience, giving a comprehensive overview of development history and frontier application of functional neuroimaging. Students can sharpen their scientific thinking by taking online courses, reading comprehensive literatures, having discussions and reviewing books, gaining an in-depth understanding of significance of developing advanced imaging techniques.
Brain science research is a hot issue globally. Imaging techniques can provide tools for brain science research, especially the galloping development of functional MRI, opening up a new research field for exploring the mysteries of the brain. By combining medical science and engineering in clinical practice, the application of imaging techniques in brain science translate clinical problems into scientific ones that can be studied, offering a new perspective for clinicians to better understand the diseases. In addition, as a new curriculum, brain science and advanced imaging techniques can help clinicians and graduate students develop scientific thinking, as well as helping radiologists better understand and apply new technologies.
This is an online course that helps students understand the key contents of each chapter in a short period of time through teaching, interview and interaction. This course will enable students to be informed of the clinical application of advanced imaging techniques in brain science and the latest scientific research trends, and train students to think and solve clinical problems by combining medicine with engineering. The course also helps cultivate students' multi-disciplinary, divergent, scientific and innovative thinking.
Additionally, as the public health improves, growing numbers of non-medical personnel desire to learn brain science, and this course can provide them with a systematic learning platform.



Preparatory Knowledge:

1.Preliminary understanding of brain science and strong interest.
2. Basic knowledge of functional MRI techniques.

3. Understanding of functional MRI data processing.