Myopia Prevention and Control
spContent=If you are a clinician, or medical student, or anyone who is interested in eye health care, it's supposed that you would enjoy this online course "Myopia Prevention and Control". You will get knowledge and skills about how to prevent and control myopia when you finish the course.
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The incidence of myopia is high and continues increasing in children and adolescents. Myopia becomes a major public health issue and social concern.


Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) is a key construction university of Zhejiang Province, China, and is one of the ten universities in China, which are co-constructed by the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Education and Provincial government.

The Eye System of WMU, is a leading institute in the nation for education, medical care and Research of Ophthalmology & Optometry. The Eye System of WMU serves as the National Research Center for Myopia Prevention and Control, National Key Laboratory of Visual Science, National Optometry Research Center, and National Engineering Research Center of Ophthalmology & Optometry.

WMU is the first educational base in China that have integrated ophthalmology and optometry in one discipline. This is highly praised as an advancing model in China’s eye care practice, while being highly recognized by the world’s eye care community. The Eye Hospital of WMU, ranked as one of the top eye hospitals in China, provides excellent eye care to more than 850,000 patients annually at our medical centers across China.


This online course, Myopia Prevention and Control, aims to:

(1) Publicize myopia prevention and control strategies, popularize medical knowledge and promote the diagnosis and treatment of myopia prevention and treatment standards.

(2) Cultivate medical talents with specialized skills for myopia screening and diagnosis in children and adolescents.

This course focuses on ophthalmic optics, refraction, prevention of myopia, correction of myopia, myopia screening, dispensing. The teachers also demonstrate recent update of myopia control strategy, including spectacles, contact lens, orthokeratology, low-dose atropine, refractive surgery, intraocular lens implantation from a clinical perspective.


This course is led by Dr. Lu Fan, professor of Wenzhou Medical University, the deputy director of China’s Teaching Advisory Committee of Clinical Medicine, the director of Chinese Optometric Association.

Myopia can be prevented and controlled through comprehensive medical strategy. Let’s make it together.


No special requirements, but if you have some knowledge of optics, biology, anatomy, or clinical medicine, it's supposed that you will understand of this course well.