Economics of Money and Finance
spContent=This course is a basic core course for undergraduate finance major. Since the original version of the course (in Chinese) was launched on iCourse in September 2014, it has served more than 1.2 million students over 13 semesters.
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In this course, we derive the supply and demand of finance from financial activities of various economic agents in an open economy framework; we study the connections among different elements such as money, credit, and their prices; we illustrate how the financial system works via financial institutions and markets; we explain how interest rates serves as the link between micro and macro finance; we cover theoretical and practical topics on macro finance from the perspectives of quantitative and structural balance; we discuss how macro control and financial regulations may achieve stable and efficient financial development. Over this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the basic theory of finance, learn current financial issues of China and the world, know how to analyze finance-related issues, and have the ability to study theories as well as solve practical problems.