Soil Mechanics
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spContent=Soil mechanics is one of the important basic courses of civil engineering and other related majors. Soil mechanics, a branch of mechanics, is a subject that takes soil as its research object, it studies the seepage, compression, consolidation and strength of soil and so on.
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About this course

As the saying goes, skyscrapers are built from the ground, all the structures built in the crust surface, including houses, bridges, roads, dams, etc., as long as located on the rock and soil, are inseparable from the knowledge of soil mechanics. Soil mechanics is one of the important basic courses for civil engineering major. It is a professional course that applies the basic knowledge of material mechanics and fluid mechanics to study the engineering properties of soil and solve soil-related engineering problems. Its main task is to study and solve the deformation and stability of foundation soil. As a professional basic course, soil mechanics not only serves civil engineering major, but also is one of the core courses of water conservancy engineering,road,bridge and river crossing engineering, tunnel engineering, Marine engineering,  geological engineering and so on.

The content of this course is comprehensive, including the Introduction, Soil Physical Properties and Engineering Classification,Soil Permeability and Water Seepage in Soil,Stress and Calculation in Foundation,Soil Compressibility and Consolidation Theory,Settlement and Calculation of Foundations,Shear Strength of Soils,Earth Pressure and Retaining Structure,Foundation Bearing Capacity,Slope Stability Analysis, a total of ten chapters. Through the study of this course, students can master the basic knowledge of soil mechanics and lay a solid foundation for future work in the field of geotechnical engineering.

Zhejiang university is one of the first universities in China to offer this course. The long history of the course has accumulated rich teaching resources and profound teaching strength. Geotechnical engineering of Zhejiang university is a national key subject. The teaching team is led by professor Gong xiaonan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The team members include not only winners of the national outstanding youth fund and senior professors with rich teaching experience, but also young backbone teachers with energetic energy. Soil mechanics of the online course in Zhejiang university is "the long course of history, strong faculty force", "perfect teaching condition", "advanced teaching ideas and methods," once again, on the basis of the positive teaching reform, according to the characteristics of the online teaching of soil mechanics knowledge to carry on the reasonable and effective to redraw and design, and according to the corresponding animation produced exquisite teaching knowledge, so that students' learning and understanding, at the same time, according to the teaching contents design corresponding exercises to help students to consolidate the knowledge.


Higher Mathematics,Engineering Geology,Material Mechanics


Designated supporting materials:

1. 《Soil Mechanics》(First Edition), edited by Gong Xiaonan and Xie Kanghe, series of excellence program of colleges and universities, Beijing: China Construction Industry Press, 2014(in Chinese)

2. Anfeng Hu, Gong Xiaonan, Xie Kanghe, 《Soil Mechanics Study Guide and Exercise Collection》 (First Edition), series of excellent program of colleges and universities, Beijing: China Construction Industry Press, 2019.(in Chinese)

Other reference materials:

3. Southeast University, Zhejiang University, Hunan University, Suzhou University, 《Soil Mechanics 》(Fourth Edition), "12th Five Year Plan" national planning textbook for undergraduate higher education, planning recommended textbook for college civil engineering professional Steering Committee (classic quality series textbook), Beijing: China Construction Industry Press, 2016.(in Chinese)

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6.Miao Hongjian,《Soil Mechanics》 , Xi'an: Xi'an Jiaotong University Press


Q:  What is the designated supporting textbook for this course?

A:  The designated supporting textbook in this course is SOIL MECHANICS (2014 edition) edited by Gong Xiao-nan and Xie Kang-he and published by China Architecture & Building Press. This textbook is the "Eleventh Five-Year National Planned Textbook" determined by the College Civil Engineering Professional Steering Committee of the Ministry of Construction.

The supporting teaching materials for this course is STUDY GUIDE AND PROBLEM SET OF SOIL MECHANICS (first edition) edited by Hu An-feng, Gong Xiao-nan, Xie Kang-he and published by China Architecture & Building Press.