The Fundamentals of Python Programming
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spContent=In this course, programming examples are designed for each knowledge point, and extensive programming exercises with reference code are also provided for each lecture. By programming examples and exercises, learners can master the basic Python programming skills. --Course Team
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About this course

Objectives: As the most popular programming language in Aritifical Intelligence (AI) field, this course introduces learners to the foundamentals of Python programming, and enables learners to master the Python implementation for practical applications.

Topics: This course introduces the foundamentals of Python programming with 16 sections, including introduction, basics for built-in data types, data operators, conditional statements, loop statements, function basics, module and package, variable scope and less basics for function, object-oriented programming basics, private attributes and built-in methods, inheritance and polymorphism, more for list and tuple, more for set and dictionary, slice/generator/iterator, more for string, and file and exception.

Gains: Learners will master the Python programming by practicing, and this course will lay a foundation for learners to learn more in the field of artificial intelligence.

Highlights: Extensive programming examples and exercises are provided for learners to better master the basic Python programming skills.