Systemic Anatomy
spContent=Systemic anatomy is a basic and required course for medical students。By which to described normal structures and functions in human body in a way of 9 systems way including locomotor, alimentary, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, cardiovascular, sensory, nervous and endocrine systems. In this course, we subdivided knowledge of anatomy into 81 knowledge points and each of them was described by teachers in videos. After each system we produced some questions for your exercise and give tests to check what level of students learned, in the end of course we will take an exam to give a score for students. This course is a convenient way to learn human anatomy, you can review repletely, you can choose your time when you free, you can consult with lecturers online.
—— 课程团队

Systemic anatomy is a major course for students that want to attend  a work in medical field.Through study of this course , the basic strucures and functions of humanbody must be knonwed,and some  puzzed questions before about why we move, how we eat and survive and control our body would be get answers. there are 81 videos and amout of exercises and texts and exam within it. Finisheing all of them, you will step a strong pace for you success.