Corporate Finance
spContent=Corporate Finance (公司金融学) is an introduction to the financial economics of a corporation. The emphasis throughout the course is on the economic principles of investment decisions, financing decisions and allocation decisions.
—— 课程团队

Students study the following broad questions. How should a firm decide whether to invest in a new project? How much debt and equity should a firm use to finance its activities? How should a firm pay its investors? How do taxes affect a firm’s investment and financing decisions? What determines the value of a firm? After studying this course, students will have the capibilities to answer those questions and issue valuation reports for a company.


The students may have or may not have knowledge of basic principles of accounting.


1. Corporate Finance: the Core, Johnathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo and , 4th Edition, Pearson Publication

2. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Stephen Ross, 11th Edition, McGraw-Hill Education

3. Finance for Executives: Managing for Value Creation,  Gabriel Hawawini and Claude Viallet, 5th Edition, Cengage Learning